Transparency and public declarations

Patient Organisations

Please see below a list of all patient organisations to which Norgine provided financial support and/or significant indirect/non-financial support or engaged for contracted services.  Included in this list are staff fund raising events and donations as well as descriptions of the nature of the support/contracted services which should enable the reader to understand the significance of the support that the patient organisation received, as well as the monetary value of the support.

Norgine’s interactions and support to Patient Organisations

Medicinal Products Transparency Disclosure

Healthcare Professionals and Organisations

In line with the EFPIA Code of Practice and various country Disclosure Codes and legal requirements for transparency, Norgine is disclosing its interactions and relevant transfers of value with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. This information includes the support to healthcare organisations in the form of donations and grants, as well as benefits in kind and sponsorship agreements to manage an event.  It also covers the support to healthcare professionals with contributions to cost of events, including registration fees, travel and accommodation, as well as service and consultancy fees and related expenses that may arise.  Finally, transfers of value associated with Research and Development are provided.

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If a flag for a particular European country is not displayed above, Norgine does not have interactions or transfers of value data to report for that country.  Please also note that Norgine works with third parties in some countries and it is the responsibility of the third party to report any qualifying interactions publicly.

Medical Devices Transparency Disclosure


Healthcare Organisations 

In line with the MedTech Code of Practice, Norgine is publishing its interactions and relevant transfers of value with European healthcare organisations, in terms of educational grants. This information typically includes educational grants to healthcare organisations in the form of support to third party organised events, healthcare professionals participation at third party organised educational events, scholarship, fellowship and grants for public awareness campaigns. Please note that direct sponsorship to healthcare professionals is not allowed.

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